About Us RISC Management

RISC Management is an information technology company that specializes in the automation of health, safety, environmental and quality management systems.

Our key technologies are web-based data management applications that utilize tablets, smart phones and electronic paper checklists to measure organizational performance.

RISC Management products are designed to deploy the maximum degree of customization to the user which provides significant data collection power and flexibility at the desktop.

Data mining and reporting functions are intuitive and easily accessed from a comprehensive dashboard of pre-formatted report templates. Real time graphical and data reports applicable to field, supervisory and executive management are created simply and quickly.

Our applications are deployed as SaaS (Software as a Service) products via the internet. Software provided in SaaS mode is a secure and business friendly option that eliminates costs incurred for hardware, custom application development and in-house support.

Our Mission

Providing automated solutions that provide real time measurement of real workplace activities.

Real Value

  • Elimination of manual data input
  • Fully customizable
  • High quality leading indicators
  • True corporate due diligence
  • Advanced contractor management