Automate Your Observation Program Better HSE Performance Through Better Technology

Complete Observations Rapidly and Accurately

Manual keypunching is a growing challenge for every organization that is looking for continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) data management.

If left unchecked your business can be at risk for:

  • Significantly higher operating costs
  • Incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent data across your business
  • Higher management and task costs
  • Lost or incomplete compliance data

HSE Assurance™ effectively eliminates manual entry of observation data with proprietary Object Mark Recognition (OMR), Object Character Recognition (OCR), and bar coding.

With OMR/OCR technology your business can: 

  • Reduce Cycle Time And Speed To Market by eliminating duplication and data entry errors
  • Improve Quality with increased data consistency 
  • Improved Security with increased control and assurance of data transfer accuracy between systems
  • Improve Productivity with solutions that enable real time collection and reporting of performance data

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