Corporate Due Diligence Real Time Measurement of Real Workplace Activities

Being organized and ready to meet your
due diligence responsibilities is crucial

HSE Assurance™ assists organizations in monitoring, identifying, quantifying and documenting hazards and the actions taken to reduce workplace risks.

Effective Corporate Due Diligence can:

  • Reduce Safety Risks
  • Eliminate Long Term Liabilities
  • Identify Hazards in the Workplace
  • Verify Compliance to Corporate Standards
  • Identify Critical Behaviors
  • Avoid Costly Audits and Government Inspections

HSE Assurance™ will provide a structured focus observation program that will keep your organization well prepared with accurate documentation and monitoring for:

  • Executive decision making
  • Meeting Underwriter Requirements
  • Improving Line Management Accountability
  • Ensuring Legistative Compliance 

Get our Top 5 Focus Inspection Best Practices report to learn:

  • How the focus observation process can help you determine compliance to corporate standards
  • The top 5 best practices in implementing and managing a focus observation program.
  • Critical success factors for long term value

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